Virginia's Online Code Development Process

The cdpVA® system is Virginia's new online Code Development Process. cdpVA® allows you to create code change proposals, submit public comments and access any information about the Virginia Code Change Process. Virginia is a leader in building and fire code regulations, and stakeholder input is vital to Virginia’s code development process. We encourage participation in this process through cdpVA®, and ask that you invite colleagues and peers with an interest in the  Virginia Code Change Process to participate.

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Meeting Information

Online Code Access

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Information regarding workgroup meetings, including date, time, location and agendas, will be available through cdpVA®.

All information is listed under each workgroup, so be sure to follow the workgroups that you are most interested in, and plan to attend meetings throughout the Code Change Process.



In cdpVA®, you will be able to access both the current Virginia Building Codes, as well as the International Codes.

Having both sets of online codes offers the ability to create a proposal by modifying existing state amendments to the International Codes or to change the text of the International Codes.



For information about the Virginia Code Change Process, contact:
Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
(804) 371-7150

Tutorial videos and how-to guides about cdpVA® are available online. For issues with cdpVA®, contact:

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